The new bulletproof coffee craze



It isn't uncommon for people to start their day with a warm cup of coffee, or three.

The health benefits are well documented, which include: Better memory, mood enhancement, vigilance, general cognitive function, fat loss, protect you from Alzheimer disease and dementia, and lower cancer risk by 40%!

But first let's go over one very important key point in making sure your coffee will DELIVER these benefits. The coffee needs to be from a local grown source, which protects it from developing mold. If you use cheap coffee, you are consuming mycotoxins produced by the mold.

Buy locally, or try the packs over at and add 2 tablespoons of grass fed organic butter to the mix, along with some high quality MCT oil. Your energy will be through the roof!

Any health food store should be carrying locally grown coffee beans. Or if you would rather order online, Try bulletproof coffee, add the "Brain Octane" to really get you firing!





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