The importance of back strength and how it affects your health

FACT: Many Americans suffer from poor posture, lower back pain, and back weakness. This is largely due to sedentary jobs/lifestyles spent bent over or sitting in front of a computer. The exercise our Vitalize Ambassador Matt Posselt is about to show you is CRUCIAL to developing strong erectors, the long cable like muscles that cover your spine. These were taught to him by a famous strength coach, Scott Brengel over at "EAST WEST STRENGTH" in Costa mesa, CA. 

SET UP: You want to set these up in a squat rack, and you will definitely want to pause each rep on a low set pin. Using bands and chains is an advanced movement. In this video Matt has 205 pounds of bar weight, and 140 pounds of band tension in addition. 

MAIN FOCUS: Your spine must stay very engaged and have a slight arch. If you are bending, this exercise is useless. Keep your chest up, shoot your butt back, and really FEEL it in the hamstrings!



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