3 Giant Mistakes When It Comes to Training Your Butt



"I have tried everything, but my butt just won't grow!"

There is a new trend among us, and it is gaining momentum FAST. Weak, thin and frail bodies are out, and women everywhere are all about having a nice ass. Say goodbye to thigh gaps, and saggy flat butts.

What you are about to read, ladies and gentlemen, 9 times out of ten are the problems which lead to weak, underdeveloped glutes. This causes knee pain, adductor tightness, and lower back issues. The good news is, they are easy to fix!

1.) You are doing the WRONG exercises!

You cannot go into the gym and do leg extensions, body weight lunges, and the stair stepper and expect to grow your glutes! Here are the top glute activators/builders known to man: Barbell hip thrusts, step ups, kickbacks, The butt blaster machine, Bulgarian split squats, and wide stance lunges. All of these should be done with added weight somewhere in the 12-15 rep range for each set. High reps with your body weight will not cut it!

2.) Dedicate a day JUST to glutes!

Crazy, I know. But how can we make ourselves change without serious dedication to a specific area? The good news is you will be seeing results much sooner than you think. Add another leg day in (most people have one) where glutes and the posterior chain are the primary focus.

A day like this would look like:
  • Barbell hip thrusts
  • Stiff legged deadlifts
  • Glute ham raise
  • Barbell walking lunges
  • Cable pull throughs

3.) You are not SQUEEZING the glutes while you are doing the movements!

Some people are lucky and end up with perfect butts due to genetics and their skeletal structure. But most of us have to visualize and squeeze the glutes every second of every set! There is nothing wrong with this, and I guarantee it will leave you feeling more powerful, and healthier in no time.

Let's make it happen!


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