Meet our FIERCE athlete Jessica Williams!

Everyone has multiple personas. The reality is that you are likely not the same person at work with your boss or with a big client as you are with your closest family members. That seems like common sense, no rocket science here.
My name is Jessica Williams, and I'm excited to rep Thermogenesis by Vitalize Supplements for a few reasons...(a) it WORKS, (b) the company heads are awesome, and (c) it aligns with one of my personal favorite personas - my fitness beast. I know what you're thinking... Your fitness beast!? What the hell  is that!? (Snicker) I'm a mom of three (including twins), in my late 30s, and it hit me about 6 months ago that I wanted MORE. I had always loved lifting/fitness, but I suddenly became very hungry to take it to another level. I am a Texas-based mom of 3 and self-professed gym junkie. As someone who has always had a great passion for being physically fit and active, I know exactly what it takes to challenge oneself to take on a physique transformation which does not involve weight loss alone.
I also understand that everyone’s goals are different and that getting in shape is about toning muscles, improving fitness levels, self-confidence and health.
When I decided 6 months ago to become a physique competitor, I realized right away that I needed to become fierce mentally. Stepping on stage against younger and more experienced competitors meant that I had to KILL IT in the gym and in the kitchen. I got "assigned" a nickname early on, and you better believe that I try to live up to it every day. "Jess the Lioness" - because I'm always hungry for more, always on the hunt, and absolutely fierce and focused when a goal is in sight.
I'm proud to be a part of this team, because I feel like Thermogenesis only enhances my gym gains and persona. And if I had to give one piece of advice to you - FIND YOUR LIONESS. Don't wait, don't listen to the possibly valid excuses you have, don't be insecure in the gym. Get motivated and start hunting.

Jessica Williams is a personal trainer with a Bachelors Degree in Exercise and Sports Studies, and a Masters in Physical Education.  Use Jessicas promo code "JESSFIT10" and get 10% off every order!

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