Put the Right Foot Forward

Woman Putting Right Foot Forward

Weight Loss - it's one of those tough subjects that require focus and commitment to achieve. The biggest step is starting the regime and making sure it becomes routine. Once a strict schedule and healthy practices have been established, it will be a lot easier for you to achieve your goals.

How to Prepare for Your Weight Loss Regime

Meditate. Meditate on how you imagine yourself in the future. Having a clear goal in mind will help you focus and compare how you're doing to where you want to be. Flatter stomach? Increased Muscle Mass? Stronger Arms? Want to finish that marathon you've always want to do? Maybe even hike up Mt. Everest? Anything is achievable. Just meditate and focus on it.

Clean Out Your Kitchen. Cookies, Chips, sweets, and other processed snacks are not good for your nutrition. It can be extremely tempting to have them when you're hungry. Why put yourself through the struggle of deciding between the baby carrots and Oreos? Simply throw them out!

Create a Schedule. Going to the gym can easily be pushed off by other activities. It's important to write down exactly when you will be working out and dedicate that time to your health. We all have work, school, family, and other commitments. But your health is a very important priority and should be treated as one.  

Get Started Right Away! New Year's resolution? After my anniversary? After my vacation? It's easy to put this regime off until we find it convenient. In reality, it's hard to get to it if you don't start right away. The moment you've written down your schedule and made this healthy commitment, start immediately!  

Bonus Tip: Join a Program! Having a group of like minded individuals pursuing similar goals can keep you accountable and motivate you. We have online programs through our brand ambassadors, Matt Posselt and Katie Tunney for you to participate in.

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