Fitness as a Team Sport

What defines you? For most we go to bed thinking about this and wake up in the morning trying to answer that same question. What are we truly fighting for? What is our purpose? Growing up most of us share that common goal of getting a full ride scholarship for sports and going pro with that designated sport. What happens when that dream is taken away? What happens when you are officially done playing sports?


Starting sports at a young age means that you are going to grow up with the same teammates that are later going to become family. Those teammates are the ones that you are going to turn too when things in life get rough, they are going to be the ones picking you up. Also, starting sports at a young age means that you start developing the mentality of an athlete. Everything that you do in life becomes competitive, winning and wanting to be the best at everything.


So you get that full ride to the University that you always wanted to go to, have an amazing season and the last game you get injured. The team physician tells you that your career of a student athlete is over, what do you do now? Your whole life has revolved that sport, everything that you know stems from sports. In fact, most feel as if they lost a piece of them when they play that final game, walking off in tears knowing that it is over. 


Being structured with practices and games to having nothing planned for the day is a mental struggle. What do you do? The best choice for an athlete is stepping foot in the gym. Just as you had teammates playing sports, you start to have friends at the gym that mimic the friendship of teammates. The gym is a challenge everyday, trying to be stronger than you were yesterday. Also, there are different sports within the fitness industry; competing in bodybuilding to power lifting competitions.


Finding something that you love again can be hard; it can be compared to finding yourself again. At the end of the day you have to find something that makes you happy, challenges you mentally and physically. Take that first step, walk into the gym fall in love with a new sport.

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