An inside look at Vitalize athlete and elite powerlifter Cody Lefever


Cody started lifting while on active duty in the Marine Corps in Ramadi, Iraq 2008. Prior to that he was had always stuck with the normal physical training culture of the Marines- running and bodyweight exercises. By the time he left Iraq he had progressed from a novice in the weight room to being capable of deadlifting 405 pounds at 142 pounds’ bodyweight. This was just the first deployment of few that helped stoke the fires of his passion for strength and conditioning. 

Never forgetting his roots as an infantry Marine (0311) Cody kept his aerobic abilities in top shape as well. Never sacrificing a high first class Physical Fitness Test (PFT) or Combat Fitness Test (CFT) score for the pursuit of heavier barbell lifts- always the latter to benefit the former. To learn how to better accomplish this task, improving his physical training and the training of the Marines around him, Cody earned a number of different fitness related certifications. From USMC specific courses to TRX and CrossFit courses, and earned an ISSA Master Trainer certification in 2013. While on active duty Cody’s winnings as a competitive powerlifter led him to earning Camp Pendleton’s “Athlete of the Year” for 2012.

A competitive raw powerlifter and coach and his best total to date is 1,526 pounds at just 176 pounds’ body weight. His competition history includes two trips to the International Powerlifting League World Championships, first in 2012 as a 148-pound lifter where he took first place in his class and 8th overall. Then again as a 165-pound lifter in 2014 where he earned another placing. Two trips to the American Cup at the LA FitExpo have also brought him podium finishes.  Cody’s best lifts are a 523-pound squat, 380-pound bench press, 635-pound deadlift, and 225 pounds standing shoulder press- all around 175 to 180 pounds bodyweight.

To date Cody Lefever has trained countless individuals from a variety of backgrounds, from military and police to soccer moms, high school athletics students, and top level competitive powerlifters. His training method, the GZCL Method, is practiced by tens of thousands around the world. Check out his blog:
to learn more about proper training techniques and programming.

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  • Jeremy Putansu

    Guy is a total beast, trained me in the Corps for a bit and had me stronger then I had ever been. Jumped from a 275 bench to a 350 with ease in a matter of months. Hell of a trainer and a better person.

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