Athlete Joey Srnicek

We would like to do a late but very welcome to our athlete Joey Srnicek (TankJoey) for joining team Vitalize. We found Joey on Instagram (@tankjoey) and many of our customers were already followers of his for the amazing content he has not only taken himself, but with some very famous photographers in the fitness and bodybuilding community.
Joey practices what he preaches! He stays lean year round and trains 5-6 days a week, nonstop. On top of this he is a father, a husband, and owns his own gym in Canada where he currently resides. Joey knows all about weight loss, thermogenics, and fat burners alike. His experience with bodybuilding competitions and training clients has branched out further than we could have imagined due to his well known success in the fitness realm, his desire to help and inspire others, and his undying positivity towards those around him!
On September 28, Joey will be flying in to CA from Canada to do Vitalize's first professional photo shoot done by none other than JASON ELLIS "The king of covers"
This shoot will be incredible and will have a surprise guest appearance, so stay tuned!
As always, please reach out to us or any of our athletes if you have any questions at all. We are all interested in the same thing: Promoting health, and the fact that everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves!
Please give him a follow on IG @TANKJOEY

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