Squatting 101 and why YOU NEED to be doing it! (For Women)


I've talked about squats before. I've spoken about the posterior chain before and how important it is to your training but we all need a refresher. Ladies, your lower body simply needs to be the focus of your time in the gym.

I am not asking you to neglect your upper body muscles, or their strength development but In all actuality, men and women alike need workouts that maximize the development of the posterior chain (The posterior chain is a group of muscles consisting predominantly of tendons and ligaments on the posterior of the body. Examples of these muscles include the biceps femoris, gluteus maximus, erector spinae muscle group, trapezius, and posterior deltoids.)

We do this by performing exercises like the squat, deadlift (and all variations IE: Stiff leg deadlift,) pull up, GHR, reverse hyper-extension, lumbar extensions, bent over rows, lunges etc. 

For maximal strengthening and development, a Set X Rep scheme like 4 sets of 10 is ideal.

Health reasons to squat: 

  1. Strengthen the lumbar, and thoracic spine. This is PIVOTAL to back health!
  2. Strengthen your leg muscles which aids in active daily life, knee pain, and upright posture.
  3. Weak glutes will ALWAYS lead to knee issues, specifically Patella femoral syndrome. This is a condition where the lateral quad pulls on the patella and the pain can become severe if left untreated.
  4. Squatting has been proven to burn the most amount of fat and kick your metabolism into overdrive!
  5. Most of us spend about 40 hours a week at a chair. Think about it. Work+home...Might be more than 40 now that we start counting right?

Aesthetic reasons to squat:

  1. Squatting prevents the droopy butt syndrome, or even worse, the dreaded "flat ass." That's right, a big butt means a strong body, and a good looking one 9 times out of 10.
  2. Squatting simultaneously strengthens the core and will help develop the abdominal muscles.
  3. You'll fill out your jeans,who doesn't want that?
  4. You'll look great doing it!

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