Thermogenesis is a specific blend of proven fat burning ingredients to maximize fat loss, increase core temperature, stimulate energy production, enhance mood and keep appetite levels under control. We designed this product for individuals who want to look great and feel their best. For this reason, Thermogenesis has been steadily gaining popularity as a premier fat burner!

We know there are many choices for fat burners currently on the market. However, we specifically created a formula that is both balanced and supercharged. Vitalize supplements took great care in ensuring individuals could achieve boosts in mood, focus, energy and libido without the jittery side effects often seen with other fat burners. To do this we combined the strongest alkaloids legally available with a timed release caffeine to ensure maximum fat burn, water shedding and metabolism boosts.

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What makes Thermogenesis Different?

Vitalize Supplements strives to be different within the fat burner industry. While many other fat burners include yohimbine, a potentially dangerous alkaloid, we formulated a better fat burner that is 100% yohimbine free. No studied fat loss results have been observed with Yohimbe supplementation, however, many side effects are possible. These side effects include nervousness, irritability, insomnia, nausea, weight gain and much more that are detrimental to overall health and achieving your goals.

In order to harness the power of Conjugated Linoleic Acid, it often must be supplemented in addition to the fat burner an individual chooses. Vitalize Supplements has added CLA to the Thermogenesis formula to ensure the maximum fat loss benefits can be achieved at the best value for the consumer. Our commitment to creating a different product that still maintains effectiveness is unparalleled.

Thermogenesis contains many patented ingredients that have been subjected to several clinical trials that cannot be found in other fat burners. We put forth every effort to create a formula that would give real results and live up to consumer expectations while formulating our fat burner differently than other companies.

Thermogenesis also meets many different dietary regulation standards to fit into even the most stringent diet. This is the result of using a 100% vegetarian capsule and gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients. Thermogenesis is made in a Good Manufacturing Practice, GMP, certified facility to ensure consistent product quality standards.

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PURENERGY® was developed as a co-crystal to combine caffeine and pTeroPure®. This unique co-crystal effectively links the molecules together to create a synergistic effect unavailable with caffeine supplementation alone. Recent studies found that PURENERGY® has the ability to deliver 30% more caffeine into the bloodstream while extending the half-life of caffeine by nearly 25%.

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By utilizing PURENERGY®, Thermogenesis can promote healthy energy levels throughout the day. This can help prime the body into an ideal sensory state for maximum fitness and cognitive levels. Though caffeine is part of the co-crystal within PURENERGY®, the other half, pTeroPure®, may also provide many other health benefits.

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Heart Health

PURENERGY® may help maintain blood pressure levels within already normal ranges. This ingredient functions to maintain healthy systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels under already normal conditions. For this reason, PURENERGY® can help promote heart health when supplementing with Thermogenesis for fat loss.

Cognitive Function Iamge

Cognitive Function

The unique blend of caffeine and pTeroPure ® within the PURENERGY® formula can enhance the already known effects of caffeine by itself. This can include improvements within memory and mental focus as well as the reduction of stress. With the advanced delivery methods found within this ingredient, nervous tension is far less likely while maintaining extended energy and focus.

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Blood Sugar & Weight Management

PURENERGY® may help support blood sugar levels that are already within a healthy range. By supporting a healthy metabolism, the inclusion of this ingredient in Thermogenesis can help regulate the body's energy usage levels. Because of this, the use of this ingredient within our formula can help support a healthy weight loss program.

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Healthy Aging

Free radicals can be caused by oxidative stress when imbalances are created between the inability of the body to counteract or detox. By supplementing with Thermogenesis, PURENERGY® may help fight these free radicals that cause faster aging. PURENERGY® can also support healthy cellular aging due to the powerful antioxidant properties it contains.

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Athletic Performance

PURENERGY® helps with nitric oxide production to give powerful boosts in endurance during athletic activities. The introduction of caffeine after periods of high intensity have been shown to enhance muscle recovery by giving the body fuel for repair. Caffeine may also aid in energy production and function within the mitochondria of cells.


Capsimax ® is a revolutionary concentrated, natural capsicum extract that delivers the same benefits of hot peppers without the oral or gastric burn. The unique coating used within the Capsimax ® extract allows maximum absorption by staying intact until reaching the intestines where it can be fully absorbed. By including Capsimax ® in the Thermogenesis formula, the benefits of hot peppers can be obtained from a natural source.

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Capsaicin has been very well researched for its role in weight management. More than 90 clinical studies have been performed on both overweight and obese individuals across all ages and genders. These studies have shown that capsaicin can be very effective for healthy weight loss.

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Metabolism Boost

Capsaicin has long been studied for its metabolism boosting properties. Some research has shown that after consuming capsaicin, even if just in food, the body can have a metabolic increase of 15 to 20 percent for a period of up to two hours. Some studies have found that individuals who consumed capsaicin at 200 fewer calories than those who did not.

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Lipolysis is the body's process of using fat stores as an energy source. This happens because capsaicinoids stimulate the enzyme lipase to break down fat for energy purposes. These processes have been shown to occur for brown and white fat deposits to help decrease fat masses.

Thermogenic Effects Iamge

Thermogenic Effects

One of the most commonly seen effects of eating spicy foods or consuming capsaicin is its thermogenic properties. This is easily observed by watching individuals sweat when eating hot peppers or spicy foods. The consumption of capsaicin-based products increases internal body heat for increased metabolic activity to aid in weight loss.

Prostate Support Image

Prostate Support

Researchers have found that capsaicin may have the ability to kill prostate cancer cells. The finding was that capsaicin binds to cancer cells and tears them apart without affecting healthy cells. This study was performed on mice, leading researchers to begin working on a heavily extracted version to facilitate the amount necessary for human benefits.

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Pain Relief

Though targeted topical treatments of capsaicin have been shown the be more effective, consuming capsaicin through hot peppers can offer pain relief. This happens because capsaicin stimulates nerve endings to deplete the chemical that creates pain signals within the brain. The hotter the pepper, the more effective it will be at providing pain relief.

What’s in Thermogenesis?

Thermogenesis is a specific blend of the strongest ingredients to maximize fat loss, increase core body temperature, drive energy through the roof, promote well-being and suppress appetite. It was designed to take your fat burning efforts to the next level!

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Much like caffeine, theobromine is a central nervous system stimulant. Theobromine is sourced from the cacao plant and is commonly found in chocolate. When mixed with caffeine the effects of both ingredients can be expanded to better fulfill their purpose.

Theobromine has also been studied for its vasodilator properties that can help dilate blood vessels. This can help blood flow more efficiently while preventing the muscles from tightening. Through this process, theobromine may be effective in lowering blood pressure.

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Dandelion root

Dandelion root has been studied in recent times for its detoxifying and diuretic properties. Because dandelion root helps shed water weight, incorporating it into the Thermogenesis formula will help the body create a hard, dry look. Other new studies have begun researching whether dandelion root has anti-cancer properties as well.

Some studies have shown that dandelion root contains vitamins and nutrients that help cleanse the liver and maintain proper liver function. The liver is pivotal in helping the body break down fats into fatty acids while filtering and detoxifying the blood. This process is achieved through the production of bile.

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Cayenne Pepper (capsaicin)

Capsaicin is one of the biggest reasons that spicier foods tend to produce less weight gain. This is because spicy ingredients induce heat production and stimulate a metabolic effect. Capsaicin has also been found to reduce cholesterol levels while supporting heart health.

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conjugated linoleic acid (cla)

Conjugated Linoleic Acid, commonly called CLA, has been found to be linked to an increase in fat. Deficiency in this acid has been found to be a major factor in the ability to gain weight. Thermogenesis includes CLA as an antioxidant source that may help to promote fat burning and the building and retention of lean muscle.

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Synephrine HCL

When ephedrine alkaloids were banned by the Food and Drug Administration synephrine took the reins as a mild, yet similar, version of the powerful fat burner. Synephrine has been found to increase metabolism without affecting blood pressure or cognitive abilities. We added this ingredient to Thermogenesis to help remove fat from the most stubborn areas of the body.

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vitamin b12

Vitamin B12 has the highest deficiency rates among any other vitamin within the United States. This vitamin has been shown to raise energy levels, improve mood, adjust sleep patterns and enhance protein absorption while regulating appetite. We also added vitamin B12 to Thermogenesis to help the body in the absorption of L-dopa.

Mucuna pruriens (L-dopa) Image

Mucuna pruriens (L-dopa)

Mucuna pruriens, also known as the "velvet bean", has recently become popular in the medical community after years of use by ancient healers. This precursor to dopamine has been shown to increase libido and promote mood enhancement. When dopamine levels elevate, mucuna pruriens can help control food cravings and reduce blood sugar spikes.

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Caffeine is one of the most widely used stimulants within the world for its ability to improve alertness. Caffeine has also been found to be effective in treating migraine and tension headaches in combination with over the counter painkillers. Vitalize supplements added caffeine to the Thermogenesis formula for its well-documented effects on mental acuity.

Caffeine is also responsible for an increase in energy output to result in higher number of calories being burned. This is achieved through thermogenesis, or an increase in body heat, that aids in the fat burning process. Caffeine has also been shown to have a mild diuretic effect to help shed excess water within the body.

coleus forskohlii Image

coleus forskohlii

Coleus forskohlii has been used in traditional medicine for its potential for boosting testosterone and increasing fat loss. The primary bioactive ingredient within this herb is forskolin, which is still being researched in clinical studies for effectiveness. Coleus forskohlii has been known to work in conjunction with caffeine for an increased effect.

Higenamine hcl Image

Higenamine hcl

Higenamine hclSourced from a variety of plant sources, higenamine works as a stimulant when taken in supplemental form. This chemical compound can effectively promote thermogenic effects and increases the heart rate much like other stimulants. Higenamine has the ability to target muscle areas to slow contractions or speed muscle rate. This means that higenamine can be an effective supplement in the promotion of muscle growth.

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This element is essential in the regulation of blood sugar to help aid insulin in transporting glucose to the cells for energy. Some studies have also shown that chromium may be involved in the metabolism of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Chromium may also raise HDL levels, which can aid in the prevention of heart disease.

Why Vitalize Supplements?

Thermogenesis is taking the health and fitness world by storm to become one of the most popular and effective fat burners available. Not only is it the most complete product on the market but it also pushes the expectations of athletes and fitness aficionados have for their daily fat loss goals.

We encourage you to take the first step into a higher standard of fat burning products and begin demanding more from your health. Living life to our highest ability is a right we all deserve and with Vitalize we aim to help not only reach your goal but blow past them.

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