Fat Burner: Thermogenesis Extreme TWO PACK

Fat Burner: Thermogenesis Extreme TWO PACK

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Same product, but 2 bottles last most people 75 days!

Introducing Thermogenesis Extreme By Vitalize Supplements: The best, hardest hitting, focus increasing, mood lifting fat burner currently sold. Lots of companies these days have bold claims, only to find out they are using proprietary blends, and leave you with a hard crash because they are just loaded with plain caffeine. We set out to make a distinguished product that would stand out in today's market.


Not to mention, these  2 bottles will last 75 days for most people, coming out to $1.20 per day!

What makes Thermogenesis Extreme so effective?

-Curbs Hunger

-Trims body fat in stubborn areas

-Increases metabolism and basal metabolic rate

-Increases focus in work and stressful situations

-Decreases feelings of fatigue

-Provides euphoria and a better mood even while dieting

-Balances blood sugar and control insulin spikes